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InMotion VR

We make healthcare fun and effective with Virtual Reality.

We believe that through fun, gamified exercises with VR technology, we can get people mentally and physically in motion for a better wellbeing!

Corpus VR will be the leading platform for VR therapy.

The way people have been trying to get motivated and to get in motion has mainly been the same for years. Nowadays people experience more stress than ever(80% of the population). We have a high-pressure society where professional (work related) and social stress can lead to inexplicable physical pain or a worn out feeling of always being tired.

At inMotion VR we believe that using a combination of gamification and VR will enable optimized therapy for a wide variety of physical and mental issues.

VR empowers the client to reach their goals faster. And we want to give the coaches and therapists the tool that will help them to make optimal use of this stimulating world in coordination with their clients.


Bedrijfsnaam: InMotion VR
Website: www.inmotionvr.com
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: eHealth, Gezondheid & Welzijn, Medical devices, Research & Development, Paramedische zorg, Revalidatie, Landelijk
Bezoekadres: Helftheuvelweg 47, 5222 AV, 's-Hertogenbosch, Nederland
Postadres: Postbus 3033, 5203 DA, 's-Hertogenbosch, Nederland
KvK: 65021320


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